Street of Blanchemaille in Roubaix, on the historic site of the “La Redoute” brand, Euratechnologies is a restructuring project for a building complex for office use developing nearly 13,500 m². Imagined and designed by the SAA Architectes agency, this building offers us facades mixing modernity and history through the implementation of thermally efficient facades and the reuse of tiles from construction sites in the region.

In charge of the technical design of the facades, our work focused on the study of all the glass and cladding structures of the building. This intervention, in the design phase, resulted in the production of:

  • Pre-sizing of frames and infills,
  • Realization of the principle details of the glazed & clad facades,
  • Study and justification of the reuse of tiles to create opaque facades,
  • Drafting of written documents,
  • Budget estimate of facade lots,
  • Analysis of offers,
  • Management of the execution of the works,
  • Approvals on execution documents,
  • Assistance with reception operations.


Roubaix (59)


13 500 m²


27 200 000 € HT


Livraison septembre 2024

Maîtrise d'ouvrage

SEM Ville Renouvelée pour la Métropole Européenne de Lille


SAA Architectes

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SAA Architectes


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