Immeuble G4 & G5

Street Lucien Faure in Bordeaux, between the Bacalan and Chartrons districts, the G4 & G5 buildings are part of the Bassins à flot urban renewal operation. Designed by the MOA Architecture agency, these two buildings for offices and shops have metal facades with industrial features typical of the district.

In charge of the technical design of the glazed facades, our work focused on the study of the exterior joinery on a mixed concrete / metal frame structure. This intervention, in the execution phase, resulted in the production of :

  • Mechanical calculation notes,
  • Thermal calculation notes,
  • Acoustic justifications,
  • Technical files,
  • Principle Plans,
  • Reservation plans,
  • Execution plans,
  • Record of works executed.


Bordeaux (33)


10 000 m² SDP


10 500 000 € HT



Project management

K&B Gironde

subject mastery

MOA Architecture

Photo credit

MOA Architecture


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